The Team

Below all team members of SAIFF:


Graduated in Cinema, Television and Multimedia Production at the University of Bologna.
Currently he deals with Direction, Screenplay, Editing and History of Cinema (with a particular focus on Italian silent cinema). He has award-winning feature films, shorts and documentaries all over the world to his credit; among these The House of The Father (2019) and Like Falling Leaves (2021).
He has published an essay about Italian Silent Cinema (Another Life, the theme of the double in Italian silent cinema - 2018 - Prospettiva editrice)


After the Master's degree in Decoration, he qualifies to teach Art History and teaches Digital Video at the Academy of Fine Arts in Foggia for three years. After several masters (including those in Fashion Art, Urban Design and New Media) he trained as an actor by maestro G.
Diotaiuti in Rome. He dedicates numerous works of his artistic production to the theme of the Sirens (sculpture, video art, performance) and participates in several independent films and short films. He currently lives, works (also artistically) in the Gargano, his homeland.


Actor, director and screenwriter, he has worked in the theater first and in the cinema in recent times. He has given courses in diction, dramaturgy, theater and acting since the early nineties.
He has won several awards for his film activity
both as an actor and as a screenwriter.


Graduated in Cultural Heritage, he obtained a specialization in cine television photography at the CISA of Lugano (Italian Switzerland).
He currently deals with documentary, photography, directing and editing. He has to his credit many works for which he has received several awards, the last one as best photography for "The House of The Father" at the Madras Independent Film Festival in Chennai.


Founding member of the film production associations Epok Studios first and Epok Theater then, he has held the role of producer and executive producer in all Epok Studios and Aelita Film productions since 2003. He has been a sound engineer several times with excellent results.


Awarded VFX Wizard Trained Professional ™ in “Digital Cinematography” as she attended and completed a Higher Master Training at VFX Wizard srl’s Academy of Digital Cinematography.
She has been a camera operator for Epok Studios and Aelita film from the age of 9 and a VFX / CGI Artist for the same since 2015.
She received the award for Best VFX for “The House of The Father” at the Eastern Europe Film Festival in Bucharest.


Actress and screenwriter with dubbing and radio experiences (speaker of radio commercials). She has been directed in the theater by Claudio Boccaccini and Giuliano Vasilicò, and in cinema and fiction by Pupi Avati, Luigi Magni, Andrea Costantini. She was the co star in the award-winning film The House of The Father, directed by Vincenzo Totaro. Her screenplays have received multiple awards and recognitions in many International Film Festivals.