Autumn 2023 - The winners

Here is the list of all the winners of Autumn 2023 of SIPONTUM Arthouse International Film Festival

  • Film of the Season: - ex equo
       When Autumn Comes by Christopher Jacobs
       The Shepherd by Ilya Plyusnin
  • Best Director (Feature Film)Christopher Jacobs (When Autumn Comes)
  • Best Director (Medium-Length Film)Tathagata Bhowmik (Termite)
  • Best Director (Short Film)Ilya Plyusnin (The Shepherd)
  • Best Cinematography (Feature Film)Christopher Jacobs (When Autumn Comes by Christopher Jacobs)
  • Best Cinematography (Medium-Length Film)Vida Habjanič (The Disappearance of Evelin Gale by Jan Fabris)
  • Best Actor (Medium-Length Film)David Pucek-Farnsworth (The River by Joseph Paul Alvarado)
  • Best Actor (Short Film)Pavel Pyatirov (The Shepherd by Ilya Plyusnin)
  • Best Screenplay (Medium-Length Film)Tathagata Bhowmik (Termite by Tathagata Bhowmik)
  • Best Screenplay (Short Film)Ilya Plyusnin (The Shepherd by Ilya Plyusnin)
  • Best Experimental FilmThe Troxler Effects by Daryl Sparkes
  • Best DocumentaryTracce di Rocco by Marina Resta
  • Best Sound DesignTyson Dai (The River by Joseph Paul Alvarado)
  • Best Music VideoLake of Dreams by Axel Werner
  • Best Original MusicDavid Bailey (The Troxler Effects by Daryl Sparkes)
  • Best EditingIlaria Pezone (Temporal Portrait III - Alessandra by Ilaria Pezone)
  • Movie Critic AwardWhen Autumn Comes by Christopher Jacobs