June 2022 - The winners

Here is the list of all the winners of June 2022 of SIPONTUM Arthouse International Film Festival

  • Film of the MonthInto the Mist by Amitabha Chaterji

  • Best Cinematography (Short Film)Dominika Podczaska (For I Am Dead by Patricia Delso Lucas)

  • Best Actress (Short Film)ex aequo Francesca Cellini, Miriam Bardini (Un Giorno Di Luce by Matteo Vanni)

  • Best Screenplay (Short Film)Shahoo Ahmadi (Pick by Shahoo Ahmadi)

  • Best Screenplay (Feature Film)Amitabha Chaterji (Into The Mist by Amitabha Chaterji)

  • Best ExperimentalToinen by Teemu Saarinen and Ville Aittokumpu

  • Best DocumentaryAdagio Portoghese by Guido Bandini

  • Best Music VideoWe're Gonna Come Back by Janine Molinari

  • Honorable MentionAdagio Portoghese (Guido Bandini)

  • Movie Critic AwardInto The Mist by Amitabha Chaterji